Global Refining Group: The Difference in Our PGM Recycling

Global Refining Group is committed to improving catalytic converter recycling and processing in the United States and around the world. What makes our company different from others in the industry?

Our Leading Processing System

We stay a step ahead in the industry with our processing system’s ability to recover 2 to 6% more material out of catalytic converters than any competitor in the market today. Our state-of-the-art technology yields our suppliers higher returns on their spent catalyst materials than any other converter processor worldwide, whether our suppliers are wholesale or non-wholesale.

Our newest processing system was created by our research and development team, along with an engineering firm with centuries of experience. Global’s  processing system has been proven to extract material from catalytic converters with greater efficiency, increased speed and higher recovery rates than any other catalytic converter processing system in the world.

We’ve spent years of research and millions of dollars on the development of our processing system, and we’re proud to be the first and only company using this system.

Exceptional Partners Throughout North America and Canada

Global Refining Group is proud to partner with Sibanye-Stillwater in Montana to further maximize returns in a fluctuating industry where a small increase in the percentage recovered can make a significant difference to our customers. Sibanye-Stillwater operates furnaces with the largest capacity for PGM recycling in the US, as well as the most efficient technology proven to maximize profit.

Global’s processing system partnered with Sibanye-Stillwater's capabilities place us at the forefront of our industries, propelling our customers to the top tier of profit margins. Speak to our staff about Sibanye-Stillwater or our other partners to learn more about our network for catalytic converter recycling and processing and how we can serve you.

Our Global Commitment

At Global Refining Group, we have a commitment to our customers, the environment and our communities to provide optimal service and revolutionize catalytic converter recycling in the US and worldwide. Global and our partnering companies have an international influence on converter recycling and smelting; processing the largest volume of converters in North America. 

With these partnerships and unmatched technology, we are confident we can serve our customers well, whether domestically or internationally. Contact us today and allow us to show you the Global difference!

Global Refining Group serves the United States and countries around the world with catalytic converter recycling and processing as well as related services.

Serving both wholesale & non-wholesale 

Making catalytic converter recycling easy on you

A cutting-edge processing system in our industry

Offering an outstanding refining process

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