Our Catalytic Converter Prices

Are your PGM refining terms based on 100% off of recovery? When you partner with Global Refining Group, your answer will be “yes!”

Processing systems on the market today are incapable of reclaiming all of the material from your spent catalytic converter, but Global Refining Group’s can. Our processing system was built in 2015 and has set an unbeatable standard in scrap catalytic converter processing in the United States and beyond. If you are a supplier of end of life catalytic converters, compare Global’s returns with anyone in the industry.

Accurate Returns from Global Refining Group

Whether you select our assay or per piece pricing options, you can trust that you are getting an accurate return for your items. Our per piece grading is based on multiple factors, including the current market values for platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Global Refining Group’s laboratories are constantly updating our price list database for catalytic converters. You can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the true value of your converter.

Global and its’ partners, pride ourselves in being a trustworthy option for our suppliers.

Payment Options for Catalytic Converters

At Global Refining Group, we offer quick payment options to meet the needs of our suppliers. We understand that it’s important for them to make payments to their customers in a timely manner in return. Depending on whether your business has chosen refining or the per piece grading, we can offer the following payment options:

  • Same day payment and advance payment upon shipping
  • Cash
  • Wire
  • Advance payment determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Financing options available for select clients

If you have further questions about our payment options or catalytic converter scrap prices or price list in the United States and worldwide, don’t hesitate to contact our staff today at 877-257-1404. We will do what we can to make your transaction a simple and convenient experience.

Global Refining Group offers accurate scrap catalytic converter prices and convenient payment options for our customers around the world.

Serving both wholesale & non-wholesale 

Making catalytic converter recycling easy on you

A cutting-edge processing system in our industry

Offering an outstanding refining process

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