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Global Refining Group: Serving Wholesale Suppliers & More

If you’re a wholesale supplier searching for an honest return rate for your scrap catalytic converters, Global Refining Group is your solution. Global Refining Group and its’ partners are located throughout North America as well as Canada and are known for reliability, industry experience and top-of-the-line PGM processing technology.

Whether you’re a scrap metal recycling company or from a muffler shop, Global Refining Group is happy to work with a variety of wholesale suppliers in the catalytic converter industry. At Global, we offer two beneficial methods of purchase for the convenience of our wholesale suppliers.

Wholesale Terms for Assay

One option for wholesale suppliers is based on toll refining. Global Refining Group can send a buyer, tractor trailer or sealed shipping container to your place of choice to fill with your catalytic converters, whether you are located domestically or internationally.

In comparison to our competitors, who most often use an open or closed decanning system, our system is completely enclosed and recovers up to 6% more material than any other system today. In addition, your assay terms are based on 100% of recovered material.

Wholesale Per Piece Option

If you would like to take advantage of our per piece grading option, you can expect a swift transaction. Our professionals will sort through your pieces individually and make a payment. Depending on the size of your catalytic converter load, Global Refining Group can schedule to have a buyer visit your facility anywhere worldwide.

In addition, our buyers can teach you our grading system free of charge in order to increase your competitive abilities in the catalytic converter recycling industry. At Global Refining Group, we pride ourselves on our dependable reputation — you can rely on our buyers, as our per piece grading system is broken down and updated very accurately based on laboratory results achieved by our two laboratories, independent of eachother.

Contact Us for the Best Deal Available for Wholesale Suppliers in the US & Worldwide

Catalytic converter wholesale suppliers in the US and around the world can work with Global Refining Group for a rewarding return rate. If you are interested in our assay or per piece purchase methods, please contact our staff at 877-257-1404.

Working with wholesale suppliers in the United States and around the world, Global Refining Group provides catalytic converter recycling, processing and more.

Serving both wholesale & non-wholesale 

Making catalytic converter recycling easy on you

A cutting-edge processing system in our industry

Offering an outstanding refining process

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