Refining Sues

Catalytic Converter Assays in the US & Beyond

As a wholesale supplier, you could be looking to sell catalytic converters per piece or on assay. If you are interested in the latter, Global Refining Group’s refining option is an ideal choice.

Why Choose Refining?

  • Trustworthy professionals. At Global, we thoroughly research and watch the fluctuating catalytic converter recycling values to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Higher Returns. Compare our return rates with other companies in the industry to see that Global offers our suppliers a great deal. Not to mention that our processing system extracts 2 to 6% more material than other processing technologies.

Reach Out to Global Refining Group for PGM Assays in the US

If you are looking for a trustworthy company to do an assay on your catalytic converters, Global Refining Group is your solution. We work hard to provide our range of suppliers an accurate amount for their catalytic converters.

Is your business located outside of the United States? No problem. With our transport or storage solutions, you can send your items directly to us or one of our partners. Contact us today at 877-257-1404 to learn more about toll refining for your catalytic converters.

Serving both wholesale & non-wholesale 

Making catalytic converter recycling easy on you

A cutting-edge processing system in our industry

Offering an outstanding refining process

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